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Children’s sketching/colouring

Through following examples, we introduce children to contour building from basic shapes, as well as proportioning in subjects and basic colouring techniques and strategies. As they progress, the subjects that are drawn will increase in complexity, and concepts of line weight and shading will be introduced as well.



Live Model/Still Life sketching

Through sketching sessions with a subject situated in real space, children will practice drawing techniques and see them function in real life, enabling them to make lasting connections with their art practice and the world around them.


Colour theory and colour mixing will be introduced through the expression of different subjects with a variety of techniques, both specific to the practice as well as general to the visual arts, to further any watercolour/art practice.



Acrylic Painting

Colour theory and colour mixing will be introduced in the acrylic medium as well as skills pertaining to more solid mediums, and the basics of composition will be practiced in this section.

Portfolio Preparation

A conceptually and technically strong portfolio is built towards art institutions through a program of creation and critique. Working closely with local art institutions, we are updated on current portfolio requirements that we relay to students to ensure a smoother application process. Through these practices, we endeavor to provide an applicant an edge over others in an increasingly competitive environment!

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