What Is An Artwork Portfolio?

A portfolio is a set of art pieces gathered for the purpose of showing your capability. This portfolio will act as a resume for both post-education admissions as well as careers related to practical arts. Building a presentable portfolio takes time and practice, but we are here to help. In order to create a great portfolio, research is needed to know the school and skills needed in design industries.

Creating a Personalized Portfolio

Artwork portfolios demonstrate individual skill, idea generation, personal artistic styles and the ability to create. Students will be guided by our professional instructors currently employed in visual design industries to create a set of outstanding artworks. 

Peaceful Art Advantage

Our Portfolio Development Program is designed for students who wish to pursue post-secondary education associated with arts and design. To meet the requirements of schools’ art programs, we created a system to help students build a strong, competitive portfolio. Consulting for admissions as well as interview preparations will be a part of this package to ensure the maximum acceptance rate for students applying to this program. 

We Provide:

Industry Instructors

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Learning Plans

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Learning Outcome

Practical Design /

Fine Arts Courses



It All Starts

With A Plan

We create personalized learning plans based on potential career goals by going over what to study and where to attend. The learning plans will then be tailored for a list of recommended universities and institutes best suited for individual needs.   

Sample Learning Plan

Module 1

3 Months (96 hours) Ideally start at March and finish by the start of June Purpose of the section: To build essential skills to be able to proceed to higher level classes Course Focus:

  • Shapes and form
  • Shading technique
  • Material applying and practice

Module 2

3 Months (96 hours) Ideally start at July and finish by the start of October Purpose of the section: With more advanced and intense training, we will make sure individual is ready to start the portfolio preparation, and also introducing every aspect of Animation, VFX industry to inspire students for choosing their own path Course Focus:

  • Advanced sketch
  • Intro of character design
  • Intro of perspective drawing
  • Understanding 3D form

Module 3

3 Months (96 hours) Ideally start at Nov. and finish by the start of Feb. Purpose of the section: By the time students start this level, they should have a rough idea of what they want to focus on, and with our prepared special courses they will start professional training in different areas. Course Focus: Grp Option 1: Character & Animation

  • Character Drawing
  • Life Drawing
  • Intro of Traditional Animation
Grp Option 2: Background & Modeling
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Background Design
  • Intro of Maya

Module 5

3 Months (96 hours) Start in July and finish by the start of Oct. Purpose of the section: Students will start the projects based on the requirements of schools. With the timeline arranged by our teachers, we will create our best works within this limited time. Every student will receive their own schedule for this level and home works are expected to be finished in order to keep on track. Course Focus:

  • Preparation of portfolio requirement
  • Advanced life drawing
  • Gestural drawing for character focus students

Module 4

3 Months (96 hours) Start at March and finish by June Purpose of the section: At the start of this section, students should decide which path they are going with. They can either choose Character & Animation for traditional training or Background Drawing to focus on layout and environment design or choose 3D group for more specific 3D software training. Course Focus: Grp Option 1: Character & Animation In this section, we will help students to finish several character design projects, using various references and creating our own background stories for all the characters that we create. And for students that want to focus more on animation. We will do a couple basic animation projects to practice the principle of animation. Grp Option 2: Background & Modeling This group will mainly focus on creating environment design drawing with our own stories and various references. Also, we will introduce layout for animation with simple characters. More intense perspective training will be introduced and higher quality of works will be expected.

Module 6

3 Months (96 hours) Ideally start at Nov. and finish by the start of Jan. Purpose of the section: Students that are at this final level must reach at least 90 % done with their portfolio pieces, and the main focus of this section will be on organizing files and setting up submissions for all the target schools. At the same time, we will still encourage students to keep practicing life drawing and gestural drawing. Course Focus:

  • Preparation of portfolio requirement
  • Advanced life drawing
  • Gestural drawing
  • Finalizing submissions
  • Documents preparing

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